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This is a great pain relief product!

My name is Jay and I’m 56 years old. Like many men, when I was young I played sports and overworked my joints and muscles. When I hit about 40, I started to pay for it with chronic muscle and joint pain. My doctor recommended prescription strength Ibuprofen … and I took that, or Alleve … etc… for years. My condition was such that I could no longer run, play softball, no longer golf (the horror!) – and any time I played weekend warrior – I would end up lame or in pain for days. About the February time frame of this year I thought I’d give Joint Medic a try. I have had chronic neck pain from an old injury and just thought it couldn’t hurt to try … if it didn’t work, I could get my money refunded anyway. After using it for about two weeks I noticed something … that I didn’t “notice” my neck any more. I no longer had the nagging ache that I’ve had for years. Not only that, but my hands and wrists had been painful (I work at a computer and type a lot) – and I noticed they were also not painful any more. The “metered” dispense of the cream was too much for the neck area I was applying it too, so I basically rubbed the remainder into my hands and wrists after applying it to my neck. Simply amazing! In addition, my wife occasionally has some nagging carpal tunnel issues – painful wrists and limited motion. I told her to give Joint Medic a shot, and don’t you know her discomfort subsided within a half hour.  I’m at a point where I may apply Joint Medic once a week – I’m still using the original  dispenser I purchased – and it’s 3 months later! I can honestly say this is about the best $35 I have ever spent. But now the bad news! I have a feeling this is going to cost me a bunch more than $35 dollars. Just last week I mentioned to my wife “I think I feel well enough to try golfing again” … so new golf clubs, shoes etc… will be the real cost of this purchase. If you have any nagging muscle or joint pain that is preventing you from being as active as you would like, you have to try this product!

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muscle pain relief
muscle pain relief
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