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Joint Pain Relief? I want proof!

proof that it works
Here’s a request we hear often … Why not send me a sample for free – and if it works, then I’ll pay you for it. Let’s see – when was the last time you went into a sandwich shop and said, let me have one of your pastrami on rye sandwiches for free – and if I like it – I’ll pay you for it. Sounds crazy – doesn’t it? What we found out about free samples was two-fold:

  1. We had expensive single dose packets produced and sent them to people –  the response – not so good (A. – below).
  2. We have a ridiculously low number of people asking for a refund (B. – below).
A.) A single dose is often not sufficient to get relief. The best results come from the accumulative effects of using the cream for several days. We basically shot ourselves in the foot because of trying to provide free samples – and this was an expensive mistake to make!

B.) We may have had 2 dispensers returned in the past 10 years. What did they have in common? They were all virtually full – therefore not used even for a few days consistently before the customer requested a refund. One thing we can guarantee even more than our product works is that if you don’t use it – it won’t.

So, do you want proof? Or Would you would rather have relief from painful muscles and joints … buy our cream! Read a handful of our testimonials below!

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muscle pain relief
muscle pain relief

Barbara Berheiser, Gardener, Painter – Apalachicola, FL
“I tried your cream 2 wks ago. Every day I put in on; swelling left and I have mobility back. I feel so much better. I use it on my hands – I cannot get over the difference. I suffered for two years with arthritis pain. I am a flower gardener and artist (painter) I use my hands hard. Many, many thanks. I plan to tell my orthopedic surgeon in PA and my new Dr. in Tallahassee,FL. I can’t thank you enough. I really truly think it’s a magic cream!!

Dick “M” – Professional Studio Musician – Age: 76
“I’ve been a professional musician since I can’t remember when. I’m now 76 and find my knuckles, fingers and wrists are stiffer and painful. Now that I’m using Joint Medic the pain has gone and movement is back. This cream really helps.”

Dot “C” – Entertainer, University teacher – Age: 68
“I have been using this cream for two years now. I feel it has helped my knee to the point where I will not find it necessary to have a replacement knee in the near future. I also use this cream for my hands. It not only helps my arthritis, it serves as a nice hand cream. As a performing musician, this is very important.”

Chuck Bennett – Professional actor, golfer – Age: 55
“At 55 years of age, I have suffered from arthritis in both hands for the past five years. Until I found Joint Medic, the only way I could play a round of golf without pain was to take a very large dosage of ibuprofen. I began using Joint Medic just before Christmas in 2007. Within a very short period of time, I started to notice a dramatic decrease in the amount of pain and swelling in my hands. With Joint Medic, I can now focus on my swing – and not the pain… Joint Medic has given me my golf game back.”

Leo ‘S’ – Student – Freelance Musician – Age: 20
“Over the past year, I’ve been dealing with a severe case of flexor tendonitis.
I would experience throbbing pains in my left shoulder, elbow, and pinky. I took anti-inflammatory medicines like Ibuprofen, but these would only provide temporary relief. In the past month, I found out about Joint Medic topical cream. The first time I used the cream brought immediate relief. I just applied it over the points of pain and discomfort on my arm and felt the pain subside within half an hour. After several days of application, the pain went away almost entirely. Not only does the cream help with joint and muscle aches but it also helps alleviate tendonitis believed to be an untreatable ailment. Thank you Joint Medic.” – Leo – Wayne, NJ

Shane “Z” – Professional Musician – Teacher – Age: 38
“I had a slight case of Carpel tunnel syndrome. My hands would start to tingle, give me pain and swell. I also had a problem with my Achilles tendon. After using Joint Medic the pain went away. My hands have been freed up and have become more articulate. playing my instrument has become a true joy once again.”
Philip ‘J’ – Professional Recording Musician – Age 50
“In 1979 I tore up my knee – doctors did an A&A and said I’d have pain later in life. The pain started off-and-on as they said it would. I tried Ben Gay, Capsaicin, Aspercream,
anti-inflammatory pills, knee brace and physical therapy. The pain still got bad. Any leg movement hurt. I couldn’t sleep at night, when I turned over pain really
hit me hard. I started using Joint Medic cream one weekend and in two days it felt like a new knee. This stuff was great. I walked all over Grand Canyon on vacation last week and felt fantastic and didn’t need a knee brace anymore. I rub it on bedtime and then morning and feel great. I started using it on my left hand’s carpel tunnel and it works great there too. Now I can hold my horn and play without pain. Anybody that plays an instrument and has repetitive motion pain will really get great results too. It goes
on nicely, no stickiness or burning and it really works.”

Annaline “D” – Currency Trader – Athlete – Age: 45
“ I used Joint Medic last year and found it to be a wonderful product. I am an ultra distance cyclist and while at a training camp in Arizona last year I injured my knee. I was iceing it daily and had to cut back on my cycling. Upon my return to New York, a friend gave me a jar of Joint Medic. At first I was very suspicious as it was not a pain killer/cure, but a longer term “healing cream”
After using it a few days I realized my knee was no longer sore. I was happy and continued with Joint Medic. After about a month I used the whole jar and my knee felt like when I was a child. Since then I have never experienced any knee pain.
The best part is I used to ice my knees after every bicycle ride. However, since I used this [cream] I never needed to ice my knee. So great to be able do things after a bike ride and not sit on the couch for 20min while icing the knees.” – Annaline

Dorothy C. – PA – Age 74
Almost five years ago now I woke with a very sore shoulder. After seeing three doctors and having a MRI it was concluded that I have arthritis along with Labral degeneration that only surgery could fix. I have tried [many] ways to help my shoulder because surgery requires a long, painful recovery. I saw a chiropractor and several physical therapists. There was some improvement. Because I have tried every cream and pain pill available, I thought one more wouldn’t hurt About a month ago, my friend Jeff suggested I use Joint Medic. I now can sleep through the night without waking up with pain. There is enough relief that allows me to work to strengthen the muscle tone I lost.
I’ll never pitch for the Yankees, but I am able to get back my ability to use my right arm. To my friend Jeff I am grateful!!!!

Thelma Joyce – Fort Lee, NJ – Age 70
Last week my daughter asked me to keep my teenage grandsons company overnight while she and her husband attended a two-day conference. When I came downstairs the next morning, their dog pushed past me, and I fell down the bottom four steps twisting my ankle, causing injury to my foot. I put ice on it right away. Fortunately, I had my container of Joint Medic with me, so I rubbed it on my foot & ankle. By next orning, I had no pain, and the swelling was down. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, for this terrific pain relief cream. I forgot to tell you: I woke up this morning with pain in my left groin muscle. I rubbed Joint Medic in, and I didn’t have any pain the rest of the day. Hooray!!!

“I thank your company for this fine product Joint Medic. It takes away the pain in my knee. I buy 3 and share one bottle each. It lasts us about 3 months.” -Bessie ‘H’ -Tuscaloosa, AL

I would like to add my endorsement to Joint Medic to what I am sure is a growing list of satisfied users of this remarkable cream. I was told by more than one doctor that the only relief to my shoulder were shots into the joint. This was not an option to or for me. Your cream has made movement non-painful again. Thank you. -Ralph Duncan, Jr. -Pryor, OK

Hi, my name is M. Clark I received the “Joint Medic” and it is a remarkable product, as soon as I got the product on, in seconds I felt relief from my pains and stiffness in my joints. Thanks God to whoever he gave this discovery to, I have bought all kinds of arthritis creams with no relief, please do not take nothing out of this product, I been waiting a long time for this. Let me tell you a little bit about myself, I have rheumatoid arthritis and it’s no joke looking for some product to work, I have been let down a lot with products that don’t work; I thank God that I ran into your web-site this past Sunday.
-M. Clark – St. Louis, MO

I noticed remarkable improvement in the pain and stiffness in my hands, especially those sore knuckles and my lower back… anybody with arthritic pain, do yourself a favor and try the Authentic CMO Joint Medic. . .
-Mr. WS, Albany, NY

“…the Authentic CMO [in this cream] is well worth the money and I would pay ten times the price if I ever need it again. For what it does for your body and health, you can’t afford not to get it if you really want to be helped. The Authentic CMOJoint Medic does what it says and much more.”
-Dr. Alan Woods, Wyckoff, NJ

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