I Was A Skeptic

I was a skeptic!



I have a friend that recommended I try Joint Medic™ in my practice. I have helped people with pain management for a very long time – and since he had such a great response to the cream, he said he thought it would be a really good way to complement the work I do. I have been using other natural products like essential oils for years, so wasn’t too keen on the idea of adding something that might not work as well. Long story short, I had two instances to try Joint Medic™ outside of the practice … one on my husband, and one on me. In both instances (my husbands hip and my wrist) the results and improvement was obvious! Mind you, I don’t have to use this on all patients … but in the first week I tried it on two … and both of them remarked how much better they felt. And here is a side benefit of the cream … it will help extend the benefits of my treatment – and from a business perspective – keep my clients coming back to me because I have a superior product!

So, if you go to a massage therapist, chiropractor, occupational therapist, acupressurist, acupuncturist, physical therapist … or work in any of these businesses … you should try Joint Medic™. I am confident that you will get great results, lower levels of pain and discomfort and enhance your business.
(BTW – I kept my the dispenser and am ordering more … their guarantee is perfect because they know it will work!)

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muscle pain relief
muscle pain relief
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