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Joint Medic
Natural Muscle & Joint Pain Relief Cream

Since 1999 Aarissé Health Care Products has been committed to the life sustaining qualities of natural healthful nutrients and supplements derived in whole from Mother Nature in our Natural Muscle & Joint Pain Relief Cream. On staff we are pleased to have a number of highly qualified M.D.’s, Naturopaths and D.C.‘s – as well as many other associated medical practitioners who work with us on a consultative basis. The founders have many years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry – and chose to offer safe and effective alternatives to the side-effect laden products the pharmaceutical companies push. They know, respect, and hold dear the ideals that only good wholesome natural herbs, natural foods, and natural ingredients bring about health and personal well being. Aarissé Health Care Products is dedicated to bringing you good health…Naturally.

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Jay S.

I was introduced to your product by a friend. I have had very painful hands and neck (football injury when I was a kid). So – I started using Joint Medic on my neck and hands, and I can’t believe the improvement! I have a better range of motion and much less pain. I’m going to give a bottle to a friend who needs a double knee replacement in a few months – I’ll let you know how that goes!

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