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Joint Medic Pain Relief Cream

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Jeff Behr, Aarisse’ Health Care Products Founder

It seemed like yesterday when I started Aarisse’ Health Care Products in 1999, but here we are, many years later, still providing good wholesome, natural health products for those who want more than just mainstream pharmaceutical options to choose from.

Many of you are tired of taking other chemically-filled synthetic pain-suppressing products that only work temporarily and have so many scary side effects. I know all too well what many of these man-made chemically-produced products can do to your body. Harm may not come about immediately, yet it does build up in your system over time, and the next thing you know, you have secondary residual health conditions that are much more serious than what you were initially dealing with. That is why I developed Joint Medic™ Natural Pain Relief therapy cream. It is natural, organically sourced, safe, effective and free of any harmful adverse side effects.

Before I launched Aarisse Health Products, I worked for over 20 years in the pharmaceutical industry which friends and family called “the dark side”. Having degrees in Engineering, Science and Management, my responsibilities included the design of processing and packaging equipment, product formulations and customized processing techniques. The inside stories I could share with you about how ‘Big Pharma’ thinks, markets, develops, researches, misrepresents and distributes their drugs would make your skin crawl.

During a crisis of conscience in the early 1990′s I had to get out and as quickly and far away from the pharmaceutical world that my feet could carry me. It was then that I decided to start my own natural health company, with a strong commitment to promote life sustaining qualities of natural healthful nutrients and supplements that come from Mother Nature herself, and not from Modern Labs.

We set high standards for ourselves by our commitment of using only wholesome natural organic herbs and ingredients, assuring our customers the choice of safe, natural and beneficial health supplements.

From day one we worked closely with respected medical experts in the field of natural, holistic health. Our most recently released health care supplement is called Joint Medic™ Pain Relief Body Cream. After five years of extensive formulation, testing and development, it too has earned international recognition and praise by addressing, correcting and relieving joint and arthritis issues using 100% safe, effective, natural ingredients.

We thank you for trying our products, and stand behind our 100% satisfaction guarantee!

All of us at Aarisse Health Care Products wish you the very best of good health – naturally!!

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muscle pain relief
muscle pain relief
What’s the “Joint Medic” difference? We don’t rely on harsh ingredients that temporarily “shock” nerves into thinking you don’t have pain. We use only the highest quality natural ingredients that have shown over centuries they work. Think about something as basic as aspirin … Did you know that acetylsalicylic acid is a substance that is found in many salicylate rich plants … like the willow tree? As long ago as 400 BC the use of this substance was known to treat fever and headaches. Thankfully you don’t have to chew on the bark of a willow tree any more to get relief! Just gently massage Joint Medic into your achy joints or sore muscles, and you will feel soothing relief! Just like this ancient ingredient, Joint Medic has over 15 natural ingredients that have historically shown to improve blood flow, reduce inflammation, and provide soothing relief to achy muscles and joints. Do yourself a favor and try this product … the only thing you have to lose is pain and discomfort!


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