Transdermal Delivery

The Power of Transdermal Delivery

“The Delivery System of the Future.”

In the case of natural supplements, it is important to first understand why we feel strongly about transdermal delivery – pain relief delivered transdermallyabsorbing nutrients through the skin. Doctors around the world are calling transdermal delivery “the delivery system of the future.” It has been discovered that a high absorption rate of many supplements can be achieved when delivered through the skin – usually as a cream. (The physical size of the supplement’s molecule plays an important role). The reason for this is when supplements are delivered transdermally, they go directly to the blood-stream, initially bypassing the liver. The result can mean as much as 95% of the supplements get to the cells where they are needed.*

Conversely, studies have shown when some substances are taken orally, as little as 5% make it to the cells where they are needed.  This is because of the stomach, liver and digestive system digesting,excreting and discarding much of them.

Think about that for a moment…95% vs. 5%! This is why we believe transdermal delivery can be a much more effective alternative for many supplements.

Note that this information above is a few years old … but we have been saying this for years! This method has proven to be so effective, just think of the number of medicines are delivered by way of a “patch”. Why? The power of transdermal delivery!

*Source: Department of Pharmacology, University of Dublin

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muscle pain relief
muscle pain relief
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